GBH Employee and Board Demographic Data Visualization

In an effort to be more transparent and in line with their mission towards greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, GBH wanted to present their employee and board data in a way that the public could access it on their website. From my initial understanding of their goals for the project, I proposed that we create an interactive page that we could continue to update in the years to come. Since this was new for GBH, I researched various public media companies and tech companies and found that the tech companies were really leading in this area and presented my findings.

I worked closely with both the Design Director and a developer in our Digital department to discuss our options and decide the best way to present the information. We eventually decided on a really simple layout and since we were given only two years worth of data to display, we decided that toggling between them was the best way to experience the data.

I went on to research data visualization patterns and began to sketch out various ways to integrate the data given to me and spread across multiple Excel graphs into a more simplified way of telling the data’s story. Feedback confirmed that the pie graph was the best way to showcase the multiple layers of data in the least complicated way and I collaborated with Digital to ensure the graphs were as effective and clear as possible. My familiarity with the WCAG Accessibility guidelines influenced many of my design decisions. I made sure colors used were contrasted enough to tell them apart from one another, used patterns so that all data were not solely represented by color, and threw out an early idea of revealing more data on hover to ensure that all data was visible at all times. Alt text descriptions were also added to explain each graph’s data. You can view the demographic data visualization here. Designed at GBH.