Make Some Noise App

Make Some Noise is a one stop shop communication tool for organizers to keep their work moving forward seemlessly in and out of meetings. It also gives budding activists a way to seach for a cause to get involved with. Designed at Massachusetts College of Art & Design continuing education course in User Experience Design, Fall 2019.


  • Offer a variety of tools that are helpful to organizations and the work that they do.
  • Easy to use for both technically savvy and technically challenged users.
  • Design a product that is welcoming, bold, and useful so that users feel that it does the job better than other tools they’ve tried before.

Competitive Analysis

Golden App: Search filter is limited, but includes cultural aspects of opportunities (location, level of interaction, level of activity)

Volunteer Match: Non-profit recruitment tool, short registration form, limited search (location vs virtual, categories, age, groups), users include volunteers and non-profits

Boston Cares: Lengthy registration form, News section feature, offers a lot of information, opportunities laid out in calendar with filter options (ex. categories option)

Google: Docs has features and sharing capability. Groups is one long list of threads, no organization of topics, and threads look similar to reading emails in your inbox.

User Research

Two in-person interviews and five survey responses about how they began volunteering and various details about how their organizations meet, plan, and are organized.
  • Volunteers were either determined to work with a specific organization or were led to one by word of mouth from a friend or family member.
  • Organizers met regularly, did a fair amount of work outside those meetings, and were constantly planning and taking part in actions both big and small. Challenges included communicating across platforms a wide variety of platforms, recruitment both in general and post-actions, and continual engagement of members.

User Flows

Make Some Noise - User Flows


Make Some Noise - Wireframes

Design Systems

Make Some Noise - Design System Atoms Make Some Noise - Design System Molecules Make Some Noise - Design System Organisms

User Tasks

As seen in the image above, four task scenarios split between both user types were designed to test ease of use and overall functionality.

Volunteer: You are interested in giving your time to a worthy cause. You heard about this app called Make Some Noise and decide to give it a try. Now that you’ve joined an organization, take a look around.

Organizer: You are an organizer using Make Some Noise and have an important action event coming up and need to promote it everywhere using the app. Next on your to-do lis is to use Make Some Noise to recruit some new members.

Usability Testing

Testing was conducted on December 6–11, 2019. They used an iPhone XR running XD, a Macbook Pro running XD, as well as an in-browser share of the prototype. Each session was voice-recorded and lasted anywhere from 30–45 minutes. The sessions captured each user’s journeys through the prototype — the choices they made, the parts that gave them pause or were easy, their questions, and feedback.

Five participants were involved, all female. Ages ranged from the 18–35 demographic to the 35–60 demographic. They were selected to range in user types and technological experience.

Usability Report

In general, participants were able to get through all of the tasks, some easier than others. Though some of those difficulties were due to unfamiliarity with mobile app conventions, the feedback received gave insight to design choices that could use some further iterating. Issues included:
  • Confusion over finding recruiting tool in Search
  • Lack of general search button
  • Prominence of search bar in search section, low usage of filters
  • Unclear login/sign up screen
  • Some iconography unclear

Post-Event Questionnaire

  • Organizers, especially, wished the product existed. One, in particular, kept repeating, “I want this right now!”
  • Users really enjoyed the look and feel and color palette.
  • Users especially enjoyed the organization portal and all of its features.
  • One participant wished there was an overall search tool that wasn’t tied to searching for organizations or to recruit.
  • A couple of participants liked the idea of having a tally show up beside the action checklist to let members know how many had completed the action.
  • One participant recommended a counter for the number of actions each user has completed as a way to promote feelings of achievement.
  • One participant requested a contact page for members to know who in the organization to contact and for what.